The Beginning

Day Spring began as the shared dream of parents of adults with developmental disabilities, professionals, and concerned citizens. Parents expressed concern about the future for their adult children who would outlive them. At the same time, the adult children expressed a desire to have a life of their own and to share life with friends in community.

Realizing the Dream

Day Spring was founded in 1994 with a donation by the Archdiocese of Louisville of 13 acres of land in a residential setting on Illinois Avenue. From two original homes, Day Spring has continued to grow and serve increasing numbers of individuals in a variety of residential settings designed to meet each individual’s needs and abilities.

In the fall of 2016, a merger between Day Spring and Community Living, Inc. greatly expanded our capacity to provide services. For a combined 62+ years, Day Spring and Community Living have empowered people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live fulfilling lives. The merger offered an opportunity to operate long-term in a financially sound manner while taking full advantage of the combined strengths and efficiencies of each organization. 


Day Spring employs an enthusiastic team of dedicated, well-trained staff who provide high-quality person-centered supports and services for over a hundred adults with developmental disabilities. Our residential options include small group homes, staffed residences, apartment buildings, in-home services and family home providers. Our programs are person-centered and include 24/7 staff residential support for daily living, community access services, transportation assistance, financial management and community living supports. In 2017, our Center for Innovations launched the College for Living. This new program offers semi-independent living in a safe campus setting that creates a college-like experience while fostering person-centered growth for the transition to more independent living.