Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of organization is Day Spring?

Day Spring is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. This means that your donation will be tax deductible. We are governed by a volunteer (unpaid) Board of Directors, and all contributions and proceeds go directly and solely into the provision of services for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

What makes Day Spring unique?

Day Spring is unique because it is built around the gifts of the many people who are part of Day Spring. Our services are person-centered, and we are committed to discovering creative and innovative approaches to transforming the world for people with developmental disabilities.

How do I find out more about receiving services?

Please contact our Services Navigator to discuss your needs and interests. The Services Navigator can be reached at (502) 636-5990 or by sending an email HERE.

How is Day Spring funded?

Day Spring is funded through a combination of funding sources, including Medicaid, charitable grants, resident fees, private pay, individual donations, and corporate donations. All of these sources are important and necessary to enable us to provide services to people with developmental disabilities.

How can I help Day Spring?

Let’s get acquainted! Often the first step is to attend a Lunch & Learn event. From there, you may become interested in a variety of ways of being involved, such as volunteering to work on a project or serve on a committee. Donating is always a great way to help, too. Your donation goes to work immediately to help us fulfill our mission. GIVE HERE! Thank for your support!