Community Horizons Program

The Community Horizons Program (CHP) offers individuals with developmental disabilities a setting to meet their unique needs, while allowing as much independence as possible.

Community Horizons Program providers are well-trained and compassionate people who embrace sharing their lives with individuals in their home. Day Spring staff works closely to support the provider and the individual utilizing a person-centered approach. The team works together to ensure the individual’s health, wellbeing and success.

Providers assist with daily living, medical needs, and transportation to appointments and outings in the community. The one-on-one support promotes an ongoing personal bond and relationship. The CHP provides moral support, advice, and encourages self-advocacy.

The Program Manager supports the provider by lending support insuring compliance. In addition, the program staff facilitates the Community Horizons Program Advisory Council, which provides support and connection to encourage community integration and a creative approach to meeting goals.

To Learn More:

If you are interested receiving residential services though the Community Horizons Program please contact the Services Navigator at (502) 636-5990 or send an email HERE.

If you are interested in serving as a Community Horizons Program please contact the Community Horizons Program Director at (502) 636-5990 or send an email HERE.