College For Living

A one of a kind program in the Kentuckiana area, the College for Living is a fully operational public-private initiative developed and launched by Day Spring's Center for Innovations.



The College for Living is designed to meet the unique needs of individuals as they complete high school and begin to plan for living on their own as an adult. Transitioning from home to an independent life can be both a difficult and an exciting time. The typical College for Living student is transitioning from their parent's home with aspirations to live on their own after completing the program. The College for Living offers a path to independence for individuals who need additional support, education, and skill-building outside the family home, along with the freedom to make adult decisions in a safe environment.

A unique campus setting fostering growth and independence in people with developmental disabilities where they experience living, learning and belonging. Residents live on their own, but are not alone. Each resident has a private apartment with bedroom, kitchen, living room area, and bathroom. There are also large communal indoor and outdoor spaces for students to spend time together as they choose.

With assistance from resident advisors, College for Living students learn to manage their own money, shop for groceries, clean their apartment, do laundry, personal hygiene, health & wellness, community resource development, emergency and safety skills, and take public transportation. The College for Living is not a 24/7 staffed program; however, residents can access on call staff as needed and select additional services from an elective menu to work on specific goals and skills that require more time. The program is person-centered and students experience independent living at their own pace.

In anticipation of a future expansion of the College for Living we are accepting names of students on our waiting list. For more information about the program, please call our Services Navigator at (502) 636-5990 or send an email HERE.