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 What are Day Spring Community Living's residences like? How are they staffed?

Living in a Day Spring Community Living residence means living with a group of people who desire the experience of community — building relationships, belonging, security and growth. Together, community members prepare and eat meals, do chores, share space, make decisions, and enjoy celebrations.

Since November 1994, Day Spring Community Living has operated one group home for men and another for women on Illinois Avenue in Louisville; each home supports seven individuals. Individuals have their own bedrooms, but share bathrooms and common areas. The homes are licensed and staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week.

In February 2001, a 12-unit apartment building on Baxter Avenue opened its doors to house and support 19 individuals. Men and women live in one and two-bedroom apartments, and staff provide support and supervision 24-hours, 7 days a week. On the first floor, a large kitchen and community room provide space for meals and activities such as celebrations and educational opportunities.

Two additional facilities opened in late 2006, Day Spring Woods (DSW) and Day Spring Community Living Homes (DSH), and both are located near the group homes on Illinois Avenue. DSW consists of seven one-bedroom apartments for individuals who desire less staff support, about eight hours daily. DSH, on the other hand, is a 3-person home which is staffed full-time.

In October, 2016 Day Spring merged with Community Living, Inc. to become Day Spring Community Living. The new organization offers 62 combined years of experience serving adults with intellectual disabilities. Both are rooted in the needs and wishes of adults with disabilities to be empowered to live as independently as possible.

 Does Day Spring have any openings?

Currently, Day Spring Community Living has over 50 applicants on its waiting list, and we continue to accept applications. Needless to say, we cannot project when openings may become available or when an individual may be considered. It is important to stress that housing and services offered by Day Spring Community Living are not “slots” and can not simply be “filled.” All opportunities for admission are based on compatibility, the individual’s personal desire to participate as a community member, and are dependent on the financial resources and services available to support the needs of the individual.

Day Spring Community Living is unable to respond to emergency housing requests.

 How can I get my child, ward, or family member on the Waiting List?

Simply call Kaley Dempster at (502) 883-6730 to request an application. The application is a brief two-page form that should be submitted with the individual’s Psychological Evaluation indicating that the he/she has a diagnosis of intellectual disabilies. When the completed application is received, the applicant and the family will be invited to various activities, such as Drop-ins, educational opportunities, and community gatherings. Time spent together gives everyone the opportunity to build relationships and learn about the culture of Day Spring Community Living. 

 What are the requirements to live at Day Spring Community Living?

Day Spring Community Livings’s ability to provide services and support greatly depend on the participation of families and friends and their involvement with their loved one. We encourage families and friends to invest their time, talents and resources. The requirements for an individual wanting to live at Day Spring Community Living are:

  1. Be eighteen years of age or older and have a diagnosis of Intellectual Disabilities
  2. Be free of communicable diseases and mental or behavioral problems that would jeopardize self or others.
  3. Be free from chronic medical and/or physical problems that require daily nursing intervention or care.
  4. Have a desire to live and participate in community
  5. Be able and willing to participate in 20 hours per week of meaningful activity such as work, day program, and/or volunteer activity outside their home.
  6. Be eligible for low-income subsidized housing.
  7. Be willing to enter into a lease agreement for housing services, including rent, food, and transportation.
  8. Be willing to receive support to live safely and responsibly.
  9. Be willing to develop and participate in a comprehensive plan and access needed resources.

 How much does it cost to live at Day Spring Community Living?

An individual’s costs are broken into two separate categories — housing and operating.

Housing cost consists of rent for which individuals sign a lease contract and promise to pay monthly. Individuals must be income eligible based on the low-income guidelines identified by Housing and Urban Development (HUD). An individual’s rent is based on approximately 30% of his/her gross earned and unearned income. For example – If a person’s Social Security is $600 per month and he/she works and earns $300 (before taxes) per month, 30% of the total income of $900 equals $270 for rent.

In addition, the current fee for transportation is $86 per month. For food, the fee ranges from $137–$230 per month depending on at which location an individual lives and how many meals are requested from the community kitchen. Using the above example, the total monthly housing expense for this individual would range from $493-$586.

Operating costs include expenses incurred for trained personnel at each location as well as other administrative costs. Our current annual operation cost for each individual living at Day Spring Community Living is approximately $21,700. All families are asked to pledge $7,725 annually or $643.75 monthly to help cover the cost of services that sustain Day Spring’s mission. Families decide what amount they can pledge and are expected to honor their pledges. Please note that housing costs are not tax deductible but donations made as a pledge to operating costs are tax deductible. Day Spring Community Living solicits other funding sources for operating expenses from grants, gifts, and charitable donations to make up the difference.

For more information, please call our Intake Manager, Kaley Dempster at (502) 883-6730 or at