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Anthony Sullivan

I started working with Day Spring as a favor for Scott Wolf when his Concrete Ball helper bailed on him at the last moment. Being single and childless…

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Paula Newton

Paula, with her parents Francis and Shannon Newton, celebrated twenty four years of service as a volunteer at University of Louisville Hospital in the Logistics department.

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Doug Sheridan

Doug Sheridan has always been proud of his job, and, when he was asked to speak at the 2013 Grassroots Advocacy Conference in Washington DC, he was beyond ecstatic.

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John Cooper

“John has been volunteering with us for about 8 years now as a member of our Outriggers Society and we really rely on him,” says Volunteer Coordinator, Julie Henry.

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Art for Three

Each Thursday, Sister Joyce gathers in the Day Spring Homes basement to work with residents Ann Shallcross and Kim Hendrickson on art projects.

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Bruce Spear

In the Spring of 2012, the Men’s Home welcomed housemate, Bruce Spear. With the help of the 7 other men, Bruce has done a pretty good job of settling in.

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